TSDPP Food Program

Children's Lunches:
Children bring their own lunches to school each day (with the exception of Pizza Day on Tuesdays).  TSDPP follows a Kosher-style food policy, so we ask that children do not bring pork or shellfish products to school.  Since we are unable to heat up or refrigerate lunches, we recommend Thermos lunch bags if needed. We do not permit soda, hard candies or lollipops.  While nutrition education and making healthy food choices is a part of our curriculum, we do not interfere with the children's food choices, and they may eat their lunch items in any order they choose.

TSDPP Snack Program:
TSDPP provides healthy, low-sugar morning and afternoon snacks consisting of two food groups. Snack menus are posted in each classroom.  We do not serve anything containing trans fats or high fructose corn syrup.

Classroom Cooking Projects:
Our program uses cooking projects to help children with fine motor skill development, basic measuring concepts, as well as learning about the pleasure of making their own food.  The children make challah every Friday as part of our children's Shabbat ritual.