Getting Involved in WTS

How can you get involved?  Become a member! 

There are many reasons why women join WTS and a lot depends on where they're at in their lives:

♦ Many women join for social reasons and attend events to meet and be with other Jewish women.

♦ Some join because they have children and appreciate all that WTS does to support youth and families.

♦ Many women join in support of social action activities and our critical issues agenda.

♦ Often non-Jewish women join because their spouse or partner is Jewish and it's a great way to 

learn more about keeping a Jewish home and Jewish traditions.

♦ There are women who join even though they know they don't have the time right now to participate, because they believe in what WTS and our national affiliate, WRJ, stands for and they want to show their support.

New Temple Sinai Members:  Take advantage of our one-year complimentary membership!

Membership Dues:  All WTS members are an equal part of our community regardless of dues amount. Women are asked to join at whatever level they are able.

2018-19 Annual Membership             
    Basic Dues           $45     
"Contributing" Memberships             
    Basic Dues + Chai          $63     
    Basic Dues + Double Chai          $81     
    Basic Dues + Triple Chai          $99    


To join, please register on the Temple Sinai Portal or download the membership form and send it in along with your check to: 

Women of Temple Sinai
c/o Temple Sinai
2808 Summit Street
Oakland, CA 94609

For more information, please contact Susan Edelman.