Mission and Values

The Mission of Temple Sinai David Pregerson Preschool 
Temple Sinai David Pregerson Preschool is committed to creating loving relationships among children, family and staff.  
Our respect and honor (Kavod) of each individual forms the foundation for our inclusive community (Kehillah).  
We believe that children learn through play. Teachers support the exploration, engagement, and interactions that are the foundation of children's learning.
Core Jewish values provide the framework for our teaching and learning.

The Values of Temple Sinai David Pregerson Preschool 
Kavod: Honoring All 
Our child-centered approach to learning celebrates the whole child. Our staff skillfully celebrates all children through emergent learning and play. From the moment they walkin the door, TSDPP children are actively engaged in dynamic learning through cooking, art, music, drama, science, nature projects, yoga and much more. TSDPP's loving atmosphere helps children develop warm, trusting relationships with peers and teachers. 

We have an experienced, diverse staff of early childhood educators. As teachers weare lifelong learners and honor our growth as early childhood professionals. We continually engage in ongoing professional development through in-service days and staff meetings and attendance at local conferences and workshops.  

Derech Eretz: Common courtesy – Treating every person with respect 
A critical element of play based education is teaching the value of derech eretz. It is the work of young children to develop their social/emotional skills through all of the elements of their day.  Whether it is sitting at the snack table, together time or on the playground – children are learning how to build self-respect, confidence and autonomy, express their feelings, and learn empathy for others. We believe each and every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. 

Kehillah: Community – Belonging, Connections 
Parents and caregivers partner with us to create a supportive and caring community. Our Preschool Parent Committee (PPC) offers a wide variety of ways to connect with other families.  Through parent education workshops, parent nights out,social action projects, class parties and holiday celebrations – we are continually building kehillah throughout our diverse community.We welcome all families, including families who are here part-time or full-day, Jewish, interfaith, multi-racial/multicultural, non-Jewish, LGBT, single parent families. 

G'milut Hasadim: Acts of Loving Kindness – Caring for humanity 
As a Jewish community, we have a responsibility to care for those in our various communities. We do acts of tzedakah regularly, donate food to the Alameda food bank, bring holiday toys to a local kindergarten class, make lunches for Henry Robinson Multi-Service Center and also care for those in our own community through meal trains, play dates and carpools. 

Mitzvah: Commandment – Deeds, Actions, Commitment 
As a Jewish early childhood preschool, Jewish learning and tradition are woven into the daily life of ourclassrooms. The children explore Jewish values connected to their everyday learning through weekly Shabbat celebrations, special activities for the Jewish holidays, and visits from the Temple Sinai's rabbis and cantor. We do mitzvot as we carry out acts of loving kindess, help each other, and observe the yearly cycle of Jewish life in our synagogue community. 

Shomrei Adamah: Guardian of the Earth – Caretakers of our environmental inheritance 
Just as we care for each other, we also care for our environment. We learn and practice recycling and composting on a daily basis. We plant seeds in our planter boxes and watchthem grow. We find creative ways to use recycled materials. As caretakers ofthe earth, we also show gratitude for healthy snacks and lunches. We regularly try seasonal and local organic produce as part of our snack program along with whole grains, fruits and vegetables.