Religious School Registration

Religious School registration is online.  In order to access Religious School registration, you MUST be a member of Temple Sinai.

  • If you are not a member of Temple Sinai, please contact Stephanie Ben Simon today to begin our membership process.
  • ​​If you are a member of Temple Sinai, you begin by accessing your account in our Oakland Sinai Member Portal.

If you have not accessed the portal before or have further questions, please refer to the Accessing Temple Sinai's Member Portal FAQ document.

Once you are logged into the portal:

  1. Go to the My Family page.
    • Check that your family’s contact information is correct.  Update where necessary by clicking on Edit.  
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the My Family page to see a list of household members.  Click on the name to see individual details. Check that each of your children is listed.  
    • Please contact Database Administrator, Elizabeth Hackett, to update your children's profile information. 
  2.  Proceed to the Religious School tab and complete the form there. 

This process should take only 10 minutes. 

  • Your form will show your children's names and dates of birth. When you select the child that you are registering, you will be able to complete school, grade, and class information for the selected child.
  • Complete all of the information including class selection, emergency information, authorized pick-up and other information critical to our ability to care for your child.  
  • If you are applying for a scholarship, please indicate this when asked, and provide the amount that you are able to pay. You will be required to pay a $100 deposit, which will be credited to your tuition payment. Temple Sinai will follow up with you regarding scholarship and payment information. 
  • If you are not applying for a scholarship, complete the payment information and click “submit”.  Your child is now registered. 
  • You must complete a separate registration form for each child you are registering.

If you have a question or a problem during the registration process, please contact Director of Education, Stephanie Ben Simon.

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