Jewsday Nights

Jewsday Nights Unpacked!

Jewsday Nights look like this:


the Youth Lounge is Open 

Come hang out, snack, do homework, and chill.

5:30- 6:15pm  Dinner Choices rotate weekly and include food from Panda Express, Pizza, and Lola's Chicken.
6:15 -6:45pm


Spend time with teens in your grade discussing current events and timely topics. 



Dance, drama, art, text, history, Israel, games, music, books, issues: 6 week learning adventures that go deep and get active. 



Gather at the fire pit to close out the night with songs, shout-outs, snacks and a final schmooze.


Our weekly Jewsday Nights are ALL INCLUSIVE, open to all teens in 8th-12th grade, and cost $995 for the year.

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Jewsday Nights begin September 10, 2019.

Still have questions? Contact Youth Director Michele Quiat, today!