Out of the almost 1,000 households in our congregation, over 225 of them are "single-adult" households. We recognize that the term "single" is a broad one that includes people that never married, those that are divorced or no longer in a relationship, and those that have had a partner pass away. Our membership includes single adults that have never had children, those raising children, or those with children that have grown.

Whatever your story, we hope that Temple Sinai will serve as a place where you can:

Deepen your connection to Jewish spirituality and practice.

Explore Jewish learning and culture by taking classes.
Connect to a caring and supportive community.
Get involved in social action projects and special-interest groups.
If interested, make new friends or perhaps meet someone special.
All of these are worthwhile reasons to be a part of Temple Sinai.

We want to hear from you. If there are ways we can help you to feel more connected to Temple Sinai or ways that we can better serve you, please contact Executive Director Terrie Goren at (510) 451-3263 x304.