Social Action- Get Involved

Temple Sinai members can be proud of the many on-going social action activities that create a vital and meaningful temple life while fulfilling the commandment to perform mitzvot.   


What is social action?   

There are three components to social action: direct action, education, and advocacy.  Direct Action is what Temple Sinai members do best--putting themselves out into the community and performing mitzvot.  It also encompasses making financial contributions to the Temple's social action funds, or directly to the non-profit organizations of your choice.  Education and Advocacy are elements that we are trying to further develop here at Temple Sinai.  Education about the needs of the community, the nation, and the world is essential so that the most critical programs can be selected and shaped for action and advocacy.  Advocacy involves writing letters to political leaders and the media.  Advocacy is designed to provide an immediate and coordinated grassroots response just at the point when vital legislation or action by an uncommitted political leader reaches a crucial time point, such as in the legislative process.  An example of an advocacy program that is now making its way through the Temple is the No-Sweat Initiative.  We also plan to extend our work on supporting an end to the genocide in Darfur.

What are Temple Sinai's Social Action activities? 
Social action programs currently address community needs in the following areas:

  • Literacy
  • Hunger 
  • Homelessness and self-sufficiency
  • Interfaith relations 
  • Fair wages
  • Darfur 
  • AIDS 
  • Young adult transition out of foster care 
  • Blood drive
  • Adopt-A-Family

And this does not count the various good works performed by our Bar and Bat Mitzvah through their Mitzvah projects, nor the pre-school's Tzedakah-saurus, nor the Education Department's Mitzvah Day. Nor does it count the community organizations that benefit from your donations to Social Action's philanthropic funds.  Your donations address these community needs:

  • Domestic violence
  • Independent living by the disabled
  • Meal delivery to the home-bound
  • Family services 

Act Now! 

Donate goods
Write to your elected official or local newspaper
Email Teri Bleckner or Helen Smiler to suggest a social action event
Become a coordinator for tutoring and game night at the BOSS - Ursula Sherman Village by contacting Joan Steber.

We need your input and we need your help 

An imperative of the Social Action Committee is to renew itself with new ideas and more people-power.  Let us know what you care about and the kinds of programs you want.  Help us develop new programs and promote our existing activities.  To provide input or to become more involved, please email Teri Bleckner or Helen Smiler.