Women of Temple Sinai (1894 - 2018)



The Women of Temple Sinai (WTS), an affiliate of the Women of Reform Judaism, is the collective voice and presence of women in congregational life. Stronger together, we support the ideals and enhance the quality of Jewish living to ensure the future of Temple Sinai and progressive Judaism in North America, Israel and around the world.

WTS is an inclusive community for all Temple Sinai women – married, partnered, single, divorced, and widowed – with or without children – Jewish and non-Jewish. We have a long history of supporting youth and families, funding Temple endeavors, providing educational forums, getting involved in critical issues, and encouraging women's leadership development and personal growth in mind, body and spirit.

That magical feeling of bonding, sharing and just plain fun when women come together is something only we, as women, can understand. Even more, the power of women organizing to make a difference is limitless.

As an affiliate of the Women of Temple Sinai, our members share a global identity with more than 75,000 women in over 550 Sisterhoods across the United States, Canada and thirteen other countries. At the heart of WRJ is the shared goal of engagement in spirituality, a commitment to the creation of a vital, influential, and caring Reform Jewish community, and advocacy on critical issues to fulfill the spiritual mandate of tikkun olam. Collectively, WRJ is devoted to a road spectrum of Jewish and humanitarian causes. WRJ allows our voices to be heard throughout the world, creating one unified voice, and proving that we are truly stronger together.

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