WTS Board and Committee Chairs

Women of Temple Sinai (WTS) Board Members

Temple Liaisons: Karen Tanner
Contact Karen for information and questions

Conveners: Estelle Baum (September), Sue Bachman (November), Marilyn Friedman (January), Lynn Greenberg (March), Zell Nathanson (May)

Co-Treasurers: Michelle Isherwood, Sydney Schimmel

Programs: Ricki Oleon, Linda Posner

Membership: Susan Edelman

Communications: Sue Bachman, Zell Nathanson

Social Action Liaison:  Kate Lucas

Corresponding: Elaine Bachrach

At-Large Members: Barbara Barza, Teri Bleckner, Natalie Crouch, Shelley Hubner, Jackie James, Susan Levy,  Leslie Lippman, Barbara Morrison, Jackie Raque, Claudia Reet, Sherri Richards


WTS Committee Chairs

Opening Event: Ricki Oleon

Theater Outings: Susan Edelman and Lucy Harris

Evening Book Group: Zell Nathanson

Daytime Book Group: Elaine Bachrach

Bridge Group: Lynn Greenberg

Honey Fund: Barbara Morrison

WTS Shabbat: Laurie Earp, Karen Tanner

Gift Shop: Estelle Baum, Ricki Oleon

Movies in the Home: Karen Tanner